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          Large Clean Oven

          产品名称: Large Clean Oven
          产品展商: 广东宏展科技有限公司
          产品文档: 无相关文档


          Large Clean Oven

          Large Clean Oven  的详细介绍

          Large Clean Oven

          Large-capacity Clean Oven for Large-sized Specimens or Mass Treatment of Specimens

          Miniaturization of electronic components has increased the demand for clean heat treatment environments. To give an example, while dust was not previously a problem, it has recently begun to significantly affect the reliability of miniaturized electronic components. In the production of semiconductors, even jigs used in the production process are subject to cleanliness requirements.

          Lab Companion's 1500L Large Clean Oven is the answer to these requirements. Not only can it heat-treat mass amounts of specimens at once, it also conforms to the increasing requirements of "heat treatment in a clean environment."

          Large capacity clean ovens are also in demand due to the necessity of reducing semiconductor manufacturing costs. For example, increasing the wafer size to 300 mm from 200 mm makes the surface area 2.25 times larger, which produces almost twice as many chips. The annealing time is the same regardless of size, so the production volume will double?this can only be accomplished with a large-sized oven.

          Supporting large-volume and large-sized specimens
          In order to support mass heat treatment of specimens, as well as drying and annealing of wafer jigs, quartz tubes, and other items that are getting larger, the inside dimensions have been expanded for this model. The upright configuration takes up the minimum necessary installation space.
          Cleanliness Class 5 
          (Equivalent to FED-STD-209D class 100) / Uniform heat treatment
          This oven adopts a HEPA filter to attain Cleanliness Class 5 (equivalent to FED-STD-209D class 100). The front flow air circulation system enables uniform circulation of heated air, which contributes to increased production yield. (See figure on right)
          Operation in a clean room (optional)
          Hot air in the test area can be exhausted from the hot air exhaust port and the dust generated in the oven machine compartment can be vented from the general exhaust port by connecting an exhaust duct (exhaust duct must be provided by the customer). This prevents dust from spreading and scattering.
          Model OVEN-C-1500
          Maximum voltage AC200V 3φ3W 50/60Hz
          Maximum power consumption 9.0kVA
          Performance Temperature range (Ambient temperature +60) to +200°C
          Temperature fluctuation ±2.0°C
          Temperature uniformity ±3.0°C at +100°C
          Temperature heat-up time +100°C from ambient temperature within 60 min.
          Cleanlinessq Class 5 (equivalent to FED-STD-209D class 100) at stable temperature
          (Cleanliness Class 100 cannot be maintained while door is open)
          Dimensions Inside dimensions W1000mm×H1500mm×D1000mm
          External dimensions W1200mm×H2250mm×D1460mm 
          (excluding protrusions)
          Capacity 1500L
          Weight 600kg

          * Performance values are obtained at an ambient temperature of 20°C with no specimen in circulation operation mode.

          * The model no. is current as of today and is subject to change without notice after order.


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